Bluewave sit on top kayaks are fast becoming the number one choice for recreational and expert paddlers alike, and offer a serious price advantage over other brands. How do we do this? Simple. We manufacture sit on top kayaks and then sell them directly to you. Take a look for yourself and compare our prices. All Bluewave sit on top kayaks are comfortable, sturdy and feature a hollow hull and a seamless, Roto-moulded body. We are so confident of their quality that we have given them all a lifetime warranty. All Bluewave sit on top kayaks come complete with paddle, a comfy seat, fishing rod holders (mounted and flush) and all the fixtures and fittings. All Bluewave kayaks come with free mainland UK delivery. Delivery timescale: 2-3 working days

Bluewave's range of kayaks includes recreational and general purpose kayaks - super-stable, highly manoeuvrable and designed to get you out paddling, sit on top touring kayaks - stable and designed to explore the sea and inland waters, sit on top fishing kayaks, designed by anglers for anglers as well as tandem kayaks and inflatable kayaks - super-portable, lightweight and incredibly durable. Bluewave kayaks also have a range of sit on top kids kayaks, motorised kayaks and even transparent kayaks!

New for 2019, Bluewave kayaks have introduced a range of pedal drive fishing kayaks  that will satisfy the demands of even the most serious kayak anglers.
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