Kayak Trolley

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This universal kayak trolley will make light work of transporting your kayak from car to the water. This is ideal for if you plan to transport the kayak alone. It is made from anodised aluminium, has foam supports for the kayak to sit on top. The trolley folds up for easier storage and is very simple to use. You simply pull open the two supporting arms and the legs at the bottom, then place your kayak on top. Make sure to position the kayak so it balances well when you are pulling it. The wheels can be removed quickly using the axle pins, this is great for even easier storage and also for if you want to take the trolley with you (make sure it is secured properly with straps).


• 2 large tyres for uneven surfaces

• Comes with straps for securing the kayak

• Foam sleeves to protect your kayak from scratches

• Neatly folds up when not in use for easy storage/transport

• Fold down support legs – allows stand to be used by one person

• Easily removable wheels to allow even easier storage/transportation and allows the trolley to be stowed on the kayak if you want to take it with you!


Dimensions when folded (approx): H 440 x W 670 x D 220 mm
Load capacity: up to 80kg
Material: anodised aluminium alloy
Tyre type: pneumatic

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