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Choosing Joy | March 2023

Kayaking has always been one of those very attractive activities, but how do you actually start?  

May 2022, the summer is not going to pan out the way I hoped.  I decide that I am going to have a different kind of a summer and buy a kayak.  Having wandered the Internet looking at kayaks and realising that I knew nothing about them I stumbled on the Bluewave website.  Despite my spectacular lack of knowledge I reckoned that as they were a company that only made kayaks and paddle boards they probably knew their stuff, and it was all British made.  The Discovery range caught my attention and the lovely colours of the Northern Lights model were irresistible.  On and off the website I was for about three weeks (let’s face it kayaking is something you envisage a lovely chunk of a 25 year old male doing not a clueless post menopausal wife).  Then I noticed that ‘Northern Lights’ was out of stock, perfect!  I felt a rush of courage, which was no doubt encouraged by the fact I didn’t feel that I had to have the ‘guess what I am about to buy’ conversation with Stephen. It wasn’t even in stock, it would take a long time to come, plenty opportunities to find that moment half down a second beer to drop it into the conversation.  Except, Bluewave proved to be extremely efficient. The second beer moment never arrived but the kayak did.  I was at work. Stephen sent a text ‘Are you going up the Amazon?’ And then ‘It’s the size of a battleship’ - that’s because a kayak in the hall of our cottage was preventing anyone being able to get up the stairs.

And so, Joy had arrived in my life, and what a joy she has proved to be.