Kayak Roof Rack – Folding J Bars

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Product Description

These sturdy J-bars attach to your cars existing roof rack to act as a cradle for your kayaks. They also have an in built paddle holder. These bars fold away when not in use. This means there is no need to remove the bars after every trip, you can just fold away the bars so they are ready for your next adventure. Because they fold away there is reduced drag if you do leave them on. This rack design allows you to carry two kayaks on the roof of your car, one on either side.

They have been designed to fit both square roof rack bars and aero roof rack bars. This product contains two J-bars, fixings, tie down straps and is designed to hold one kayak.


Frame Material: Heavy duty aluminium
Capacity: one kayak
Tube size: 22.2 x 2 mm
Included: 2 x J-Bars, 2 x Tie down straps, all fixtures and fittings

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